ChiGrillz Goldteeth Mold Kit

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How to make a proper mold for gold teeth grillz.  1st log on to order your starter kit and take the two different colored putty's, roll them together and make them one color should be done in the 1st 30 seconds.. Place on tray as the video shows then place on your teeth and push with your fingers.. Don't bite! Leave in for 5 minutes rinse and send back to me Shai at and get ya shine on!!


Gold Teeth Mouth Grills Molding Starter Kit Top or bottom Grillz

A ChiGrillz starter kit is the 1st step a client must take in designing & crafting your custom set of gold teeth grills.

The kit includes:

  • our custom grills catalog
  • dental trays
  • grills order form
  • and the dental mouth molding materials
  • as well as simple video instructions how to make gold teeth at home.

The dental molding kit can be purchased at your local dentist office (however all gold teeth molding kits are not created equal) as long as it has been purchased within the past 30 days of the time that you send us your dental impressions and submit your custom teeth order to ChiGrillz you can use the dentist's molds for gold teeth grills (but be advised that molding kit materials expire and will render horrible fitting grills) at your own risk.

CHIGRILLZ IS NOT responsible for grills that do not fit you when you have chosen to use cheaper molding kit materials.

Cheap mold kits are an expensive mistake! Our teeth molding materials are high quality and create custom grills for your mouth that's "snug" not too tight or loose with a "snap on" fit.

Every order requires a client to purchase, separate from your set of custom grills, a ChiGrillz Starter Kit.

This product is for either a top grill or a bottom grill! For both click the option for both.


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