DIY Mold Kit

How to make your own gold teeth starts with 1st ordering your Starter Mouth MOLD KIT

A Starter Kit is Required to be purchased with every order of Grillz.

The Grillz Mold Kit comes with

  1. Our catalog show casing the most popular gold teeth grills styles that we have made recently

  2. as well as the molding materials enough to make 2 mold impressions of the same teeth that you will be making the custom set of grills for. I.E.. 2 top grills molds or/& 2 bottom grill molds.



At ChiGrillz we use the finest quality dental molding materials which ensures that our gold teeth fit snug with a "snap on" effect that our clients love. The process to make a gold teeth molding is simple and quick. Feel free to watch the video we have provided on the video page that shows this process however in depth instructions are below.

Order a Mold Kit below.

Once you have received your starter kit take the 2 different colored putties and roll them together vigorouly until they have become one unified color.

TIME: 30-40 seconds

This process works well when you roll molding putties into a long line like the image shown here.

Once the dental mold putty is one solid color place it in the tray equally around the entire tray.

Your Mold and dental tray should look like this. Ensure that the putty is extended to the ends and packed down to the bottom of the tray.

It is not recommended that you bite down. Best fitting grills come from this uniqe technique.

Simply place the tray and molds directly on top (for bottom grills) and underneath (for top grills) of your teeth and in one motion press onto the teeth. Leave them on until 5 minutes have lapsed. Molds may be tight on teeth so to break suction, firmly grab the handle and slightly jiggle off. Rinse off saliva pick yr grill off the site, make your grill payment and send your molds back.


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