Process to Buy Grillz

I was looking online for goldteeth to buy and I came across your grills site can you explain the process?

We hope you enjoy shopping with Chi Grillz. We've made the ordering process simple by asking you 4 questions:

  1. Did you see a design on our site that you want to order? If YES head to the page the grills are on. Customize grills with drop downs and add it to the cart.
  2. Do you have a picture of grillz or have drawn an image of the grills design you want to customize? If YES Go order custom grillz online
  3. Do you have a mail in order and need to mail your molds and make a payment for your grills? If YES Go at home grillz
  4. Do you want grillz but don't know what to get? If YES Go pictures of grillz or Contact Us.

When ordering a set of Grillz this is the process

Once you have selected your grills you must pick which teeth to have them covered, specify whether you want single gold caps or if you want a rack of grillz, add any custom grills options add it to the cart then add a mold kit. Go to the cart check out and buy your grillz. Your mold will be shipped 1st timing will depend on the shipping options you've selected, you'll receive email confirmation with tracking within 1-2 business days as we'll need to verify address and payment info you've provided. Track your Grillz Order. You'll receive your mold kit (DIY mold kit instuctions), and orderform (directions). Send your molds back. You'll receive an email verifying your design and or a request to satisfy an invoice covering additional charges for customizations. We will start your production it typically takes 3-5 business days to complete grillz. This time is dramatically increased with customizations and diamonds so please keep this in mind. You will receive an email on the 5th business day or sooner, that either requests a new mold be purchased and taken, informs you of a longer wait time, or provides tracking information provided you have purchased return grill shipping. We request that you take a picture of you receiving your package and of you wearing your grillz. Thats it. If you love your grillz please tell us in a review. Any problems go here.

I wanted to know how much are your goldteeth grillz? How much for a 6 pack, bottom row?

Typically the prices shown on any particular grill page is defaulted at the karat we've found to be most popular for gold teeth to be made in 10k, however we also sell 6k, 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k gold grillz  Select from the drop down to the right of any product the karat / quality with corresponding price difference you desire. Many want to know How Much a Gold Grill costs or what is the price of a single dental gold tooth, so we have given a break down to show the prices of some trending features and additions that can be added to and or customized on to your custom gold teeth grills. These prices are the standard prices however on shop pages you will more than likely find our sales prices.. WE ALWAYS HAVE A SALE GOING ON AT CHIGRILLZ!! Below is the price structure:


Deciding on 1st which karat of gold you want your grillz to be custom design in you then can multiply the total of teeth you want by the price of the metal. i.e. 4 Silver teeth (4x35 = $140)

Teeth Pricing Chart Current Sales Prices
 Silver Grillz6k Gold10k Gold14k Gold18k Gold22k Gold
1 Tooth


$ 45





2 Teeth







3 Teeth







4 Teeth







5 Teeth







6 Teeth







8 Teeth







10 Teeth







12 Teeth







16 Teeth

 Subject to Change  

20 Teeth

 Subject to Change   

  • Small Fangs 1 .......................... $14
  • Medium Fangs 2 ...................... $20
  • Long Fangs 3 ........................... $30
  • Curved Fangs 4 ........................ $32

Fang Teeth K9 Caps ​Price is per one fang on one tooth.​

Special Grillz additions. ​

  1. Diamond Cuts ...................... $FREE
  2. Trillion Cuts ........................ $FREE
  3. SunBurst Cuts ...................... $FREE
  4. Bridge Bar ........................ aprox $30 per cap price varies by karat
  5. Open Face ........................... $7 ​Cut
  6. Out Designs ........................ $10
  7. Dripping Designs ................ $75 per grill
  8. Wall With Trims 8 .............. $25

I live outside of the United States. Can I still order grillz teeth?

At this time, accepts orders for the United States, U.S. Territories and Military Members Stationed abroad in APO/FPO locations. For your protection, we will not ship merchandise if we are unable to verify your billing address. Orders shipping to delivery addresses in U.S. Territories and APO/FPO may only be shipped via USPS Priority and may require additional business days for delivery.

I have missing teeth. Can I still order grillz teeth?

We understand how it is to miss teeth, grillz can be an awesome option to cover missing teeth but will in no way replace regular dental processes so bare this in mind when you buy grillz here.  Missing teeth require some teeth for the grill to rest on for stability purposes.  So if you're missing 2 teeth in the middle you need at least a 4 tooth grill to rest on the 2 small teeth and also cover the 4 teeth in total.  The cost for this is an additional $35 per missing tooth. 

I want permanent grills. Do you make permanent grillz?

To answer your question YES we can and do make Permenant goldteeth however this is a 3 step process.

  • Your dentist must prep your teeth
  • Send us your grillz order
  • Dental professionals receive your grillz and place them on

I am a Dentist. Can I send goldteeth grillz we've made to add diamonds or cuts?

You sure can, we will verify your design styles customize your caps and send your custom diamond grillz directly to you or to your patient which ever you specify.

Returning Gold Teeth Grillz Molds by Mail, How does this process work?

You have the option at check out to add return labels so that you can send us back your molds after you have made your gold teeth impressions.

Enclose the yellow order form with design details and a signature and date of birth indicating that an adult (over 18) has consented this purchase, the molds still in the trays and wrapped in the included bubble package. Please track your own package and allow time for the impressions to be processed typically 1-2 business days.

Please allow 10 to 14 days for ChiGrillz to process your return.

I have a photo shoot coming up, what is the typical turn-around time?

We want you to be completely happy with your Chi Grillz order for years to come and not just for the event you want your set for. To be transparent "typical" indicates that all conditions are perfect including a brand new clear cut mold has been received, payments are complete and the season's demand is steady.  That being said 5-7 business days is typical which doesn't include weekends or holidays.  Many clients get their orders made in less time though,  also during holidays and or seasonal surges order turn around times double.  Diamond jobs take considerably longer and jobs that require the use of more gold to be used creating a custom design may require additional time as well.  We know time is of the essence and that you can't wait to snap those new shiny pieces on, but please bare these conditions in mind when you make your status request. Submit all gold teeth order status update requests via our contact form and for mold kits please check the tracking info sent to your email on file. 


I received an update to my grillz order requesting a new mold order be placed, why do I have to buy a new mold?

If there are fitting issues and we need the mold to reflect a more clear impression to complete the order we will request that you buy a new mold kit, or you may also send a mold made elsewhere i.e the dentist's office. Once we receive your new impression allow 5-7 business days to complete your order.



What type of Grills do you sell?

We sell Goldteeth all Removable grillz! From Silver grillz, to gold grillz made from 9k low gold -10k  gold grills - 14k gold grills - 18k gold grills -22k gold grills, Rose gold grillz, Yellow gold grillz, White gold grillz, Platinum grillz, and Diamond Grills.

Do I really need a Custom Mouth Mold Kit?

Yes. This is what we use to take a "3D picture" of YOUR mouth so that YOUR fronts will fit YOUR teeth. There will be enough material in each kit to make several molds. We will pick out the best one when you return them to us to give your fronts a TRUE DENTAL FIT. Each custom mouth mold kit is $35 and $50 for Top and Bottom Grillz.

Can I remove my fronts easily?

Since your fronts are custom designed for your teeth, you can easily remove them whenever you want to.

What's the difference between 10K gold, 14k gold,18k gold, , 22k gold and platinum?

We offer you a choice of gold color AND quality on all of our fronts. The higher the k number, the more pure the gold and the higher the quality. The better the quality, the more resistant the gold is to tarnishing. All gold types however, can be easily cleaned with a jewelry cleaner and/or cloth. White gold offers the clean, bright look of silver without the tendency to tarnish. Along the same bright look as white gold is Platinum. This is the strongest of all metals and is EXTREMELY tarnish resistant. It is however, very expensive.

How do I Keep my fronts Clean?

Using any quality gold/jewelry cleaner or polishing cloth will keep the BLING in your grill. (read more here)

Can I order my own design?

Yes. We allow you to design almost anything you want. We suggest viewing our Custom Designs page for some ideas on what is available 1st. and choose the options you want. When we send you our custom mouth mold kit, there will also be a form to easily show us what options you want and where. Of course if you would rather talk directly to one our designers, please contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

Can I Have a dentist make a mold?

Yes. Although you can very easily take your own mold with our custom mold kit, a dentist is trained to make perfect mouth molds and leaves less room for error. The better the mold, the better your fronts will fit. If you should decide to have a dentist take your mold, let us know and we will discount your order to reflect no custom mouth mold kit.

How many caps can I get?

You can order from 1 gold tooth or whatever metal you chose to have your caps made of, to 10 teeth. Be advised that the grills you see on this site and others can be made to fit any number of teeth. For instance, you see a single gold tooth with princess cuts invisibly set and you desire to have a custom 10 cap grill made each with the same princess cut design, we can do this for you. Please contact us if you would like to discuss more.

What type of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payment by; US Money Order and ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS Via or you can send a certified post office money order via
**NOTE- If using credit card, you NEED TO USE A CONFIRMED ADDRESS. This is where the credit card statement goes to and where your grills order will be shipped to.

What is the return policy?

We have a strict NO REFUNDS policy. Since the order we make for you will fit only your mouth, we cannot reuse them in any way and therefore also cannot accept any returns. If for whatever reason your grill does not fit or is ruined, within 90 days of purchase provided you have your receipt and proof of purchase of your goldteeth through, we will remake your grill at aproximately half of your original price. If you loose your grill though you will be charged the full price to replace your fronts.


When it Comes to Diamond Quality We use the best based on the following criteria.

The "Four C's of Diamonds"

Diamond Clarity - Most diamonds contain some inner flaws, or inclusions, that occur during the formation process. The visibility, number and size of these inclusions determine what is called the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are clear create more brilliance, and thus are more highly prized, and priced. Clarity is one of the factors that Chi Grillz takes into consideration when selecting your diamond.
Diamond Color - Colorless diamonds are the most desirable since they allow the most refraction of light (sparkle). Off white diamonds absorb light, inhibiting brilliance. To ensure that your diamond from Chi Grillz is of the highest quality, we review many diamonds to find the perfect one for you. Our diamonds are selected to eliminate those of lesser color grades for your budget.
Diamond Cut - Cut is probably the most important and most challenging of the Four Cs to understand. The brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its cut. Chi Grillz carries only the better grades of diamond cuts, to ensure that your jewelry is as exquisite as possible.
Diamond Carat Weight - A carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. Because large diamonds are found less commonly than small diamonds, the price of a diamond rises exponentially in relation to its size.

Our contact information By

Business email address: By standard mail:

ChiGrillz P.O Box 490178 Chicago, IL 60649

Store Location: 2150 S. Canalport  Chicago, IL 60608

Call or Text (844)869-SLUG (7584)

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